Lighting Series

Torch & Strobe Lights

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DragonFish Torch

Super compact, high output 10,000-lumen continuous, dimmable torch light for professional HOV/ROV/AUV imaging applications, down to 6,000m.

DragonFish Strobe

Patented, super-compact 30,000-lumen LED strobe for still photography on AUVs, ROVs, and HOVs, down to 6,000m.

DragonFish Air

Patented, super-compact 30,000-lumen LED strobe with advanced cooling to allow continuous operation in air and down to 10m.

DragonFish Mini

Extremely compact, 30,000-lumen LED strobe light rated to 300m.

Remora Strobe

Super-compact, 30,000-lumen LED imaging strobe for small-diameter AUVs.

Remora Torch

Super-compact, 10,000-lumen LED continuous light for small-diameter AUVs.

Fusion-4 Strobe

Miniature, low-profile panel strobe with ultra-high output of 120,000 lumens.  Rated for use down to 6,000m.

Fusion-6 Strobe

Compact, low-profile panel strobe with the highest output in the industry, at 180,000 lumens.  For imaging applications on underwater vehicles down to 6,000m.


Small, programmable, standalone LED with rechargeable Li-Ion battery for applications down to 1,000m.


Miniature, low-cost, self-contained deep-sea 380-lumen LED flasher with visible range of 3–5 nmi and rated up to 1,000m.

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