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Fiber optic gigabit smart ethernet hub

Mux + topside

Alpheus is a fiber optic gigabit smart ethernet hub—a mux—for providing switchable power, control and ground fault monitoring for up to 12 gigabit ethernet devices, including IP cameras. Multiple Alpheus bottles can be daisy-chained together to expand capabilities.* The topside rack-mount enclosure is included. 

Alpheus is a vital component of our Alpheus Subsea Surveillance System for large-scale asset monitoring. Learn more about the system on our Integrated Systems page. 

*Subject to power and bandwidth limitations.

  • Connect up to 12 devices per bottle 
  • Multiple bottles can be daisy-chained
  • Includes topside 1U rack-mount enclosure
  • Switchable power and control 
  • Detect/monitor leaks, ground faults, humidity, vacuum, temperature, current draw and fuse status 
  • Rated to 3,000 meters
  • Subsea surveillance
  • Underwater ethernet networking
  • Full system integration and monitoring 
  • Subsea video installations 
  • Offshore wind farms and alternative energy systems 
  • Fish farms 
  • Underwater habitats and diver operations
  • Plug-and-play ethernet connectivity / network expansion on ROVs
  • Part of our Alpheus Subsea Surveillance System
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