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Monitoring Series

Keep yourself informed with vehicle and device monitoring.


Our full range of sensors and telemetry

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Product Name



Perfect For



Vehicle Monitoring System 1,000 m
6,000 m

Ground fault monitoring

Leak detection

Vehicle and pressure vessel health monitoring 




Telemetry System
2,000 m

Subsea surveillance

Underwater ethernet networking

Power, control and ground fault monitoring

Multiple hubs daisy-chained to a single uplink connection


The Arctic Rays Difference

What makes Arctic Rays' series of imaging payloads different from others'? 

Specs You Can Trust

All our lighting products deliver quality LED technology with better color rendering, energy efficiency, short lead times and verified output brightness. Every finished product is tested and verified to deliver the specs promised, to customers can trust they are receiving the quality they expect. 

Tailor-Made Tech

We have a wide breadth of knowledge and practical experience within our small team, so we are not afraid of new R&D or customization of existing products. Most of our competitors fiercely avoid this, but we embrace it. Our nimble, agile team is able to take action and change designs easily.