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Stereo imaging payload for AUVs and ROVs

Ideal for both stereo- and tunnel-imaging applications

BarrelEye features geo-referenced digital still-image capture, field-adjustable camera offset with positions from 0º to 180º, onboard CPU and solid-state data storage, as well as dome and flat viewport options. This imaging payload is customizable for realtime machine vision tasks, is rated for depths up to 300 meters and supports up to four DragonFish Strobes, for a total light output of 120,000 lumens.

  • Field-adjustable camera offset 0º to 180º
  • Onboard CPU and SSD
  • Dome and flat viewport options
  • Supports up to 4 DragonFish Strobes (120,000 total lumens) 
  • Rated to 300 meters
  • Stereo imaging and tunnel imaging
  • Realtime machine vision tasks
  • Small AUV operations 

BarrelEye Footage

Watch the Arctic Rays BarrelEye imaging payload in action in this footage of a SunFish AUV assisting Collins Engineers divers as they inspect a 7,000-foot potable water tunnel. BarrelEye is mounted to the AUV as it autonomously drives through the length of the tunnel, capturing 180º views of the tunnel in one pass and then the other half in the second pass. The result is a full 360º of images to be stitched together for a full-tunnel view for inspection. 


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