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Multichannel, ultra-high-output LED torch light

Our most powerful continuous LED light yet

WolfFish is an ultra-high-output, 30,000-lumen, continuous, dimmable torch light for professional HOV/ROV/AUV imaging applications. It features up to three independently dimmable LED arrays, which allow for white, color-blended or independent tri-color operation and give flexibility for specialized uses. This also allows for the one-two-punch of wide-flood and focused-beam light. Nowhere else can you find this power, brightness, color quality, dimmability and multicolor light integrated in a single housing with no additional drivers required.

A top choice in the industry for blue-chip film making and heavy ROV work alike, this multichannel LED torch light is rated for depths up to 6,000 meters, and it uses high-efficiency, integrated driver circuitry as well as multidrop RS232 for up to 250 soft addresses. It offers flicker-free operation for various video frame rates as well as automatic thermal self-protection.

  • Color: white, blended color or independent tri-color
  • Beam: wide flood or narrow beam
  • Dimmable 30,000 lumens
  • Flicker-free
  • Automatic thermal self-protection
  • Rated to 6,000 meters
  • Blue-chip film making 
  • Heavy ROV work
  • Specialized uses requiring independent color channels
  • Anywhere that ultra-bright, color-accurate illumination is needed
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