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Programmable, battery-powered torch light

Light for days

This programmable, battery-powered, 350-lumen, continuous, dimmable, compact LED torch light rated for use down to 1,000 meters for syncing to video cameras, still cameras and other oceanographic field sensors for standalone underwater operation. 

The rechargeable Li-ion battery pack is turned on and off by a magnetic reed switch for on-deck and diver operation. The programmable intervalometer allows for preset lighting schedules. 

  • Battery-operated (time of continuous operation depends on brightness) 
  • Programmable schedules 
  • Color: single-channel, customizable color temperature (various white or monochrome color options)
  • Beam: wide flood; narrow beam available
  • Dimmable 350 lumens
  • Flicker-free
  • Automatic thermal self-protection
  • Rated to 1,000 meters
  • Standalone underwater operation
  • Diver operations
  • Syncing to still and video cameras or other oceanographic field sensors 
  • Specialized uses requiring nonstandard color temperatures
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