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Custom Systems

Comprehensive, bespoke systems tailor-made to your needs

Comprehensive > Disparate

Invention is born of necessity, as the saying goes. Don't settle for cookie-cutter, out-of-the-box tech that is difficult to integrate within your vehicles and work with other products. A pillar of our operations is to "do something once and do it well." We believe tech works together best when it's made to work together.

The process is simple:


Reach out! We can sign an NDA if needed, then we'll discuss your specific needs and weigh your options.


Our marine engineering experts will design and manufacture your tailor-made subsea system. 


We will work with your team during system installation and provide training for seamless implementation. 


A Fin Above the Rest

Thanks to patented technology, our designs feature the smallest possible size and lowest power consumption available, while providing or exceeding the high quality and performance expected from the industry.

Working closely with our customers—from scientists and movie producers, to military and energy explorers—we ensure our products meet the demands of the project and work flawlessly.

Our products are, and have been, used on the WHOI REMUS vehicles, Triton Submarines and other platforms, and they have been used by organizations such as the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, L3Harris, OceanX, the BBC, NHK and Abyss Solutions.

Tailor-Made Tech

We have a wide breadth of knowledge and practical experience within our small team, so we are not afraid of new R&D or customization of existing products. Most of our competitors fiercely avoid this, but we embrace it. Our nimble, agile team is able to make decisions and change designs easily.

Responsive Service

We take on projects of all sizes and stake our reputation on our ability to support our customers long after delivery. We are not burdened with a heavy bureaucracy. 

Cost Effective

Intentionally remaining small means our low overhead and slim engineering approach make our price points some of the lowest in the industry—without sacrificing quality