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The FHD IP camera with 360x zoom

Low-light vision where it's needed most

Manta's low-light sensitivity and ultra zoom capability (30x optical + 12x digital) make it a perfect option for discreet underwater filming. Manta features full HD (1,080p) IP streaming and onboard recording and storage, as well as external pan-tilt-lighting control via passthru TCP/IP, making it a perfect method of image capture in a comprehensive subsea surveillance system

Manta is an ideal option for the camera component of our Alpheus Subsea Surveillance System for large-scale asset monitoring. Learn more about the system on our Integrated Systems page.

  • Onboard recording to microSD card or remote file download via FTP
  • Video capture down to 0.0015 lux minimum illumination 
  • 30x optical zoom; 12x digital zoom (360x total zoom) 
  • Different view angles available via camera lens and viewport (flat or dome) options
  • External PTL control via passthru serial port over TCP/IP
  • Optional bump guards 
  • Dual strobe and torch lighting
  • Rated to 1,000 meters (other depth ratings optional) 
  • Subsea surveillance
  • Low-light video capture
  • Ultra-zoom requirements 
  • IP video streaming 
  • Passthru connection of pan-tilt-lights
  • Part of our Alpheus Subsea Surveillance System
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