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The 4K programmable camera

4K capture on your schedule

This camera features an internal, programmable intervalometer to create preset recording schedules. Mako also records in 4k UHD (2,160p) to an onboard microSD card — downloadable via USB, WiFi or card removal. 

The Mako with battery pack power option, now known as FireFly, allows for standalone operation. This option opens many new possibilities for filming in situations where power availability is limited.

The FireFly camera is a vital component of our FireFly Dropcam System for low-power or scientific and unobtrusive monitoring applications. Learn more about the system on our Integrated Systems page. 

  • Programmable intervalometer to create preset recording schedules
  • Dual-band WiFi frequency (5.8G + 2.4G)
  • Onboard recording to microSD card
  • SD (NTSC/PAL) video monitor output
  • Download video via USB, WiFi or SD card removal 
  • Optional battery pack
  • Optional scaling lasers 
  • Rated to 6,000 meters 
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Mako Autonomous Imaging System

Mako Autonomous Imaging System

A programmable, autonomously powered video+lighting system for low-powered, standalone operation, the Mako Autonomous Imaging System uses a Mako camera with internal battery power and two scaling lasers and two ViperFish torch lights with lasers. 



With its two channels for dual-color light, ViperFish is ideas for low-power or scientific and unobtrusive monitoring applications. It is a continuous, dimmable, compact LED torch light rated for use down to 6,000 meters. 



Programmable and battery-powered, LanternFish can be synced to cameras or other oceanographic field sensors. The rechargeable li-ion battery pack is powered on and off by a magnetic reed switch for on-deck and diver operation. The programmable intervalometer allows for preset lighting schedules. 



The original miniature pan-and-tilt positioner, HammerHead is a dual-axis positioner that is ultra-compact and lightweight. With 360º rotation in both axes and user-settable go-to functionality, HammerHead is an indispensable addition to any subsea system.