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Arctic Rays unveils WolfFish, multichannel 30,000-lumen LED torch light

ArcticRays_WolfFishJune 9, 2022

Arctic Rays LLC has unveiled its most powerful continuous LED light yet: WolfFish.

The multichannel, ultra-high-output LED torch light sets a new bar with configurable combinations of colors for specialized uses as well as the one-two-punch of wide-flood and focused-beam light, all in a single 6,000-meter-rated housing.


The photo of WolfFish’s light emanating from a manned submersible during a field test demonstrates the power the new light packs. Early adopters are finding WolfFish’s dynamic abilities can suit a variety of missions, as its ultra-bright, high-quality, dimmable, true-color output make WolfFish a top choice in the industry for blue-chip film making and heavy ROV work alike.

Nowhere else can you find this power, brightness, color quality, dimmability and multicolor light integrated in a single housing with no additional drivers required.

Learn more about WolfFish at the WolfFish product page, part of Arctic Rays’ Lighting Series.

Arctic Rays specializes in deep-sea lighting and imaging systems and other custom solutions specifically for use on AUVs, ROVs, manned submersibles and other offshore and underwater structures.


Arctic Rays
Stephanie R. Herndon
Director of Marketing and Communication


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