Fully-Integrated Imaging Payload for Small AUVs Released by Arctic Rays

March 22, 2021 – Groton, Massachusetts — Arctic Rays, LLC has released Swordfish, a fully-integrated, geo-referenced, still and video imaging system payload for small AUVs.

Swordfish comes standard with a 12.3 MP camera, high-output LEDs producing 60,000 lm (strobe) or 6,000 lm dimmable (continuous), on-board CPU and a 512 GB solid-state data drive.

Still images can be captured at 12.3 MP at a rate of 4 Hz. Video can be captured at 720p HD @ 60fps, 1080p FHD @ 30fps, or 4K UHD @ 10 fps.

Swordfish is easily scalable to fit any AUV and customizable per user requests. For example, it can be customized for real-time machine vision tasks, outfitted with higher resolution cameras, and the LED lights can be separated and located anywhere along the body of the AUV.

For a full spec sheet or more information, visit our Payload Series page or email us at info@arcticrays.com.

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