Submersible Monitoring System from Arctic Rays

August 21, 2020 – Groton, Massachusetts – Arctic Rays, LLC has officially released a compact Submersible Monitoring System for use in 1 atmosphere pressure housings. While designed specifically for manned submersible battery pods and electronics housings where immediate detection of leaks is critical, the monitoring system is ideal for all applications. The 90.5mm x 51mm x 19mm single-board system monitors for ground faults, leaks and includes on-board barometric pressure, temperature, and humidity sensors. The ground fault system monitors both poles of 2 independent DC busses up to 350V. The leak detection system can monitor up to 8 independent locations with the included remote self-checking water detection probes.

The system has two on-board configurable alarm relays. It is electrically isolated and has ethernet and RS232 communications.

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