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L3 Technologies selects Arctic Rays’ lights for their Iver UUV

Remora high-intensity strobe light fitted onto the L3Technologies Iver UUV

ArcticRays_RemoraStrobeMay 20, 2019

Arctic Rays LLC, an underwater technology specialist in the design and manufacturing of high-performance lights, cameras, and sub-sea equipment, has delivered custom-manufactured LED strobe lights to L3 Technologies.

Named “Remora”, the high-intensity strobe lights are fitted into the L3 Technologies Iver unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) platform. The light is electrically synchronized with the onboard camera to capture crisp images even in low-light environments. This imagery is used for habitat mapping, pipeline, structure survey and photogrammetry missions. The camera and strobe system, when paired with the standard side scan sonar, bathymetry, and water quality measurements of the Iver, offers operators an additional view into the underwater environment.

Arctic Rays worked with L3 Technologies to custom design the low-profile Remora strobe to fit into existing free space, while also being conscious of the low power requirements for UUVs. For more information, please visit


About Arctic Rays LLC:

Arctic Rays LLC is an underwater technology specialist with over 20+ years’ experience in the design and manufacture of deep-sea lighting and imaging products specifically for use on AUVs, ROVs and Manned Submersibles. Designs feature the smallest possible size and lowest power consumption available while providing or exceeding the high quality and performance expected from the industry.
Working closely with our customers, from scientists and movie producers to military and energy explorers, we ensure our products meet the demands of the project and work flawlessly.

Our products are and have been used on the WHOI REMUS vehicles, Triton Submarines, and other platforms, and by organizations such as the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, the BBC, NHK and Florida State University. For more information, contact us at or email us at

About L3 Technologies:

L3 OceanServer is part of the Integrated Maritime Systems sector within L3’s Communications & Networked Systems business segment. Since its inception in 2003, L3 OceanServer has sold more than 300 AUVs worldwide, providing highly capable solutions to a broad array of military, commercial and international customers. To learn more about L3 OceanServer, please visit

With headquarters in New York City and approximately 31,000 employees worldwide, L3 develops advanced defense technologies and commercial solutions in pilot training, aviation security, night vision and EO/IR, weapons, maritime systems, and space. The company reported 2018 sales of $10.2 billion. To learn more about L3, please visit the company’s website at

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