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Four new subsea products now available from Arctic Rays

ArcticRays_4NewProductsDec. 1, 2022

Arctic Rays has released four new products in its suite of subsea technologies. Now available are:

  • YellowFin, the machine vision payload for turnkey seafloor imaging
  • ViperFish, a dual-channel torch light with low power consumption
  • Barnacle, the new pressure relief valve
  • PRV tool, a compact tool for pulling a vacuum on or backfilling a housing

The company's newest machine vision system, YellowFin, is a fully integrated, turnkey imaging payload for small AUVs. It offers georeferenced digital 4K still-image and video capture as well as high-output, dual-mode lighting (strobe and continuous torch). With an onboard CPU and SSD storage, this payload is an all-in-one solution. It can be rated to 1,000 meters and is available as a standalone system or as an OEM version to be integrated into a vehicle.

ViperFish is the latest in the Arctic Rays lighting series, is a dual-channel, compact torch light perfect for low-power or scientific, unobtrusive monitoring applications. Customers have their choice of two independent color temperatures and the laser option for scaling with multiple units. ViperFish can be rated to 1,000 or 6,000 meters.

The pressure relief valve, Barnacle, is tiodized with a single poppet, venting internal pressure buildup with available pressure differentials of 5, 10, 15 or 20 psi. Rated for use down to 6,000 meters, Barnacle is reliable, affordable and interchangeable with other popular PRVs.

To complement Barnacle, the new PRV vacuum tool was built to be ultra-compact and fit easily between multiple connectors. It pulls a vacuum on a housing through a PRV and can backfill the housing with an inert gas.

"Our labs have been incredibly productive this quarter," says Arctic Rays co-founder and general manager Dirk Fieberg. "We are responding to market demand for these innovative products and look forward to continuing our work engineering creative solutions for subsea endeavors."


Arctic Rays
Stephanie R. Herndon
Director of Marketing and Communication


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