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Please note that the Arctic Rays offices will be closed Monday, May 27, 2024, in observance of Memorial Day. 
The office will reopen on Tuesday, May 28, 2024, and messages will be returned at that time. 


Think deep.

Equipping AUVs, ROVs, manned submersibles, landers
and platforms for surveillance, tracking, research, film making,
navigation and more


Mako Autonomous Imaging System

A programmable, autonomously powered video+lighting system
for low-powered, standalone operation


Merch store now open!

100% of proceeds from sales in our merch store will support sponsorships of youth teams and STEAM activities. Support the kids by purchasing some of your favorite Arctic Rays gear!

High tech. High pressure. No problem.

We've got the deep-sea gear you need 

The Arctic Rays portfolio includes video and still-imaging cameras and payloads, lighting, positioners, sensors, telemetry and more. Whether you need a one-off product, a complete turn-key system or R&D on a custom creation, we're here for you. 

Our Latest Tech


ViperFish Mini

A more compact version of our ViperFish Torch, ViperFish Mini has two channels for dual-color light. This is ideal for small-space, low-power or scientific and unobtrusive monitoring applications. It is a continuous, dimmable, compact LED torch light rated for use down to 1,000 meters. 



This high-output, 20,000-lumen, continuous, dimmable, ultra-bright LED torch light is rated for use down to 6,000 meters for general-purpose lighting applications. This is a drop-in replacement for popular panel lights. 


FireFly DropCam System

A programmable, autonomously powered video+lighting system for low-powered, standalone operation, the FireFly DropCam System uses a Mako camera with internal battery power and two scaling lasers and two ViperFish torch lights with lasers. 


Mako Mini

The mini, 1,000-meter version of our Mako camera, the Mako Mini is camera features an internal, programmable intervalometer to create preset recording schedules. Mako also records in 4k UHD (2,160p) to an onboard microSD card — downloadable via USB, WiFi or card removal. 


NOAA, RTsys and Arctic Rays collaborate to build NemoSens SwordFish

The new vehicle is designed to enhance NOAA's efforts to study and understand the seabed.

Three primary units are scheduled for delivery to NOAA’s lab in Beaufort, North Carolina, early 2024.